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Everything You Need to Know about Sign Boards

Have you ever thought, what sign boards are used for? While roaming in the streets or going from one place to another, you might have seen many sign boards. There are many types of sign boards, for example, some would be showing signs like how your gestures should be, while some may route you to different locations and countries or some even may help you find some a particular company. If you are eager to know about the different signage boards, then you may need to dig a bit deeper. Let’s dig in!


There is a significant meaning of the word, signage. The word signage means “collection of signs”. The other meaning could be commercial signs and poster signs. Moreover, the sign comes from the French word “Signe” which means gestures. It has been proved that the ancient Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians used to use sign boards, made from stone.

What are the Usages of These Sign Boards?

Most of the people think that sign boards are used mostly for the advertising purpose but there umpteen functionalities of the sign boards that you need to know. Let’s explore its applications.

Used to provide information

There are many signage boards which have been used for informational purposes, for example, to route through maps, to indicate gestures, various instructions, and the stuff, related to a place or a company.

For business purpose

It’s an old saying that we remember what we see. When we see anything, then our visual perceptions get super active and we tend to remember those things for a longer time period. This is the reason that many companies use sign boards to advertise their services and products. There are people who get motivated towards buying services which they generally see on the signboard.

For the navigation purpose

Many sign boards are used for navigational purposes. We have witnessed many sign boards which indicate several directions from one place to another. Apart from giving directions, sign boards are used to prevent people from getting lost.

To display the safety instructions

There are sign boards which are used to show a myriad of safety instructions such as boards showing, “drive slowly” or “accident prone areas”. These types of sign boards are used mainly in the hilly areas or locations where chances of unwanted troubles are more.